Welcome to Officer Selection Station Ashland

The mission of Ashland Officer Selection Station is to find mentally, morally, and physical qualified men and women to send to Marine Corps Officer Candidate School.

Marine Officer

There are several paths to becoming a Marine Officer, depending on your current level of education. High school juniors and seniors may apply for the Naval Reserve Officers Training Corps, Marine Option. College freshmen, sophomores and juniors attending any accredited college or university fulltime can apply for the Platoon Leaders Class, while recent college graduates can apply for the Officers Candidates Course.

Contract options include ground officer, naval aviator, naval flight officer, and judge advocate. These are guaranteed jobs for those who qualify.

Regardless of the route, all qualified applicants must pass the rigorous test of Officer Candidates School in Quantico, Virginia. The goal of OCS is to train, evaluate and screen Officer Candidates to ensure that they possess the moral, intellectual, and physical qualities for commissioning and the leadership potential to serve successfully as company grade officers in the Operating Forces. The standard is high, the evaluation intense: candidates must excel at a series of physical, academic and leadership tests in order to graduate. Upon completion of Officer Candidates School and a four-year degree, candidates may choose to accept a commission as a Second Lieutenant in the Marine Corps.